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Frequently asked questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand that the Latymer exams may seem daunting for children and parents/carers alike. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you in the process.

Who sets and marks the assessment tests?

The Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning paper are set and scored by a group called GL Assessment. The answer sheets are marked using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR).
The written English paper is set by the school and will be marked by staff at the school.

Can you help with completing the online registration form?

We would suggest asking your current school for assistance.

When will I receive my child’s test invitation?

Invitations are normally emailed to parents at least seven days before the test takes place.

Once the tests have taken place, when will I receive the test results for my child?

Results will be emailed to parents before the 31st October each year.

Where can I obtain sample test papers?

Please check our sample papers and you can go to for advice on the mathematics and verbal reasoning paper.

Are there a fixed number of places allocated to each Borough?

No - all applicants are considered on an equal basis by the Latymer governors whatever their present borough, provided the child lives in one of the postcodes areas indicated in the school admissions policy. Parents will need to submit the Common Application Form (CAF) to their own local authority listing Latymer and all of their other preference schools in their order of preference irrespective of the borough/county in which the school is located. Parents must also complete the Latymer online Supplementary Information Form (SIF) and submit it to the school by the published closing date, if they wish their child to sit the assessment tests.

Are there opportunities to join Latymer at a later date?

Yes – please see In-Year admission for further information.

Do you have to take equal numbers of boys and girls?

No - the school cannot prioritise on gender.

Do both genders follow the same curriculum?

Yes - boys and girls are taught in mixed classes for all subjects except some aspects of Physical Education.

Do siblings of existing/past Latymer students have priority?

Fully selective grammar schools cannot give priority to siblings of current or former pupils.

When can successful applicants see the school?

Parents of successful applicants will be invited to welcome events in June or July. There is also an induction half-day in the summer term which gives the children an opportunity to see the school in operation and to meet their Form tutor and other children who will be in their Form Group.

What about foreign language tuition?

In the first year, pupils study either French or German. In the second year all pupils begin a second language chosen from French, German, Russian and Latin.

Is special consideration given to a child with musical talent?

There are places for those of exceptional musical standard, which we deem to be at or above Grade 5 Distinction or equivalent. Those seeking these places have to sit the entrance tests in any case and governors must be convinced that the student can access the Latymer curriculum at the same pace as all other students.
Applicants applying under exceptional musical talent must be in the Top 900 in the tests. A small number of those applying under the music criteria may be auditioned at the school’s discretion.

What about a child with an Education Health & Care Plan?

A child with a special educational need is welcome to apply. Their application will be treated in the same way as all other applicants. We will be guided by current provision at their primary school in deciding if special facilities need to be provided. Parents should indicate a special educational need or disability on the online Supplementary Information Form (SIF). We will inform you of any decision about special arrangements for the assessment tests in writing.

If your child is finally offered a place at Latymer then the Head of Learning Support will liaise with you and the primary school in order to put in place any relevant support. Read more about our Learning support.

How do I appeal against a decision not to accept my child?

Details of the steps you need to take will be made known to you in the outcome letter you receive from us after the tests have taken place.

Firstly you will need to inform the governors of your wish to appeal. You will then be sent a form on which you state the reason(s) for your appeal. Parents have 20 school days in which to lodge an appeal for any school named on the Common Application Form.

Appeals are heard in April or May by an independent panel of three in an informal atmosphere at the school.

What should I bear in mind when completing the Common Application Form which goes to the Borough?

You express your preferences for schools on the CAF. You must list your schools in strict preference order. Schools know the names of students who applied to them, but they don’t know the preference order. The school puts the list of children in rank order, according to their own published over-subscription criteria.

We advise that you read through the school’s current admission arrangements so that you are aware of our over-subscription criteria. Your local authority will try and allocate your first preference school if your child fulfils the criteria for that particular school. If not, they will work their way down the preference list in order to accommodate your child.

What about the waiting list?

Fifty children are put on our waiting list in rank order. We write to tell you if your child is on the waiting list and the position within the list. If a place is declined from the 192 offers, we will write to you letting you know a place is now available at Latymer if you are still interested. You are then entitled to decline the place your child has been offered at another school and take up the waiting list place instead.

Please be aware that parents can request for their child to be considered for a school that was not one of their original preferences, or was a lower preference than the school they were offered. This may cause some fluctuation in the waiting list.

Does being eligible for Free School Meals help with admission?

Yes - we have 20 places available for children on Free School Meals at the time of application, with a ranking of 900 or higher in the Maths and Verbal Reasoning test. These places will be allocated to children living within our published Inner Area. For the school’s policy please refer to our website.