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Student life

We work hard to ensure the emotional and mental wellbeing of all of our students and to help young people foster meaningful relationships with their peers.

The Latymer Sixth Form has an open and approachable team of staff, dedicated to offering pastoral support.

Sixth Form students are allocated to a Form Group on arrival, where they benefit from daily contact with their Form Tutor, who is responsible for monitoring their social and academic progress. Heads of Year also work closely with students to ensure that all their needs are met. For those who would like extra guidance, we provide access to a mentoring system, dedicated School Counsellor and careers advice, as well as to a number of outside support agencies, such as Connexions. Where appropriate, the school’s Whisper system enables students to share concerns with staff confidentially and anonymously.

“The transition from Year 11 to Year 12 was not overwhelming as we were supported throughout Year 12.”

Sixth Form student

Students are also encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility towards each other. The House System plays a key role in this, allowing young people to socialise across year groups and offer support and advice to younger students.

At the centre of Sixth Form life is the common room area, complete with computer lab, notice boards and large cafeteria, which provides a place for students to work collaboratively and socialise. Students can have their own locker. There is plenty of access to all other facilities in the school including computer rooms, libraries, music and sports facilities.

Programme of study

We offer a broad programme of study across Sciences, Humanities, Languages and Arts. Course content is varied, with a focus on fostering skills vital for further study. Where possible, students are encouraged to go above and beyond the A Level specification, in order to develop an ability to research, evaluate and scrutinise information independently.

Learning is not limited to the classroom – our students often take part in individual projects, such as university essay competitions, creating magazines, practical engineering or construction projects, and presentations to peers and societies.

A significant proportion of the timetable at the Latymer Sixth Form is dedicated to personal study. Staff allow students to judge how best to use their non-contact hours, to encourage the development of time management skills that are essential later in life. Students become well practised in prioritising tasks, allocating sufficient time to complete work to a high standard and managing their own workload.

All students study four subjects in Year 12, with most going on to specialise in three subjects in Year 13. We believe that students who meet the entrance criteria for the Latymer Sixth Form will be able to cope with the workload involved in studying four subjects in their first year, and will benefit greatly from studying a wider range of topics.

“Learning Russian at Latymer is a unique opportunity that has allowed me to learn more not only of the language but about one of the most interesting countries in the world.”

Sixth Form student

Studying four subjects in Year 12 gives students more choice when it comes to making decisions about their future, whether that involves progressing to study a particular subject in Year 13 and university, or undertaking an apprenticeship. To provide flexibility, it is also possible to change course before the end of the first half-term in Year 12. If students meet this deadline, there is still reasonable time remaining for them to catch up on any content missed. We always advise students to be resilient in the first months of Sixth Form study, as there is often a large step up in the level of difficulty between GCSE and A Level. In cases where a student feels that they are struggling, subject teachers are on hand to discuss concerns and help create an action plan.

Academic progress is measured through ongoing informal assessment and a series of exams. Students are entered for an external AS Level exam (where this is offered) in the subject that they wish to drop at the end of Year 12. In addition to this, Year 12 students also complete internal UCAS exams, set and moderated by the school, in the three subjects that they would like to continue studying the following year. The results from UCAS exams provide a basis for the predicted grades awarded by the school to support university applications. Most students therefore complete their study at the Latymer School Sixth Form with three A Level qualifications and one AS qualification.