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Latymer Parents and Friends

The Parent Teacher Association of the Latymer School.

Latymer Parents & Friends is the school’s Parent Teacher Association and a registered charity. Since our foundation nearly 40 years ago, we’ve raised many hundreds of thousands of pounds for the school. All the money we raise goes to purchase important educational resources that the government won’t fund; minibuses, sports gear, equipment for music, art, drama and learning. All Latymer students benefit from our work.

Organised and run entirely by volunteers, our activities fall into four main areas:

  • We support school staff in putting on events, including sports, concerts, plays and parent evenings – usually by providing refreshments, sometimes a bar. Our hospitality creates warmth and atmosphere – and meeting new people is fun!
  • We organise and run our own events for the students, including a glowing and wintery Junior Party and an exciting and summery Football Tournament.
  • We put on our own ‘community’ events for parents, families and friends, including quizzes, entertainments, a colourful summer fair, etc. As well as raising funds, they enable parents to meet socially, which is not otherwise so easy, given Latymer’s wide catchment area.
  • Our other initiatives connect people all year round – from our Christmas tree shop to our school art calendar, a very rewarding lottery, raffles, auctions, pre-loved school uniform sales, special offers on West End theatre tickets, etc. And we’re always looking for new ideas.

As a Latymer parent you can easily support these efforts – just by turning up, enjoying the occasion, participating or buying something. But if you’d like to commit to joining us as a volunteer, we’d be doubly delighted. We always need new hands and thinking, and we’re a very friendly bunch. 

Beyond fundraising, we aim to enrich community life by bringing together staff, families and friends of the school. And though you may not have realised, you’re already a member of Latymer Parents & Friends. (The clue is in the name…) With digital technology, connecting with others has never been easier: so all Latymer parents are invited to join the hundreds in our virtual community on – the secure, phone-based app platform that connects any Latymer parent, as and when they like, with others from their child’s class, year group or across the school. It’s very handy, in all sorts of ways. Please do join us (see below for instructions)!

Connecting, helping out, joining in or simply enjoying. However you can support us, you’ll be helping enrich our students’ education, while building community to everyone’s benefit. If you’d like to lend a hand, please email us at the address below, or message us on Classlist. We’d really love to meet you.

Phil Gandy, Chair                        Raji Patel, Secretary

Write: Latymer Parents & Friends, The Latymer School, Haselbury Road, London N9 9TN

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Classlist is a private social media platform – UK-managed, totally secure and used daily in over 2,000 UK schools. It works as an App on your smartphone or computer. You can use it to see who else is in your child’s class / house and year group, and who lives nearby. You can contact other parents, find out information, locate mislaid homework tasks, ask questions, share ideas and so on.

You can use Classlist in other ways, too – for example, to set up a public transport group, send invitations to a birthday party or organise a get-together. You could publicise an event, promote a good cause, set up a cake sale, sell your handicrafts in a Latymer marketplace and lots more.

With Latymer families spread so widely, Classlist provides another point of contact to keep you involved and included. We would be delighted if you would like to be part of it. Classlist is also appealing because it is built around total confidentiality and data protection, so does not use or sell your personal information for commercial purposes.

Joining the LPF community on Classlist is easy, all you have to is:

  • Go to
  • Type "Latymer" and pick "Latymer School in Edmonton - Latymer Parents & Friends".
  • Fill in a few details (name, email address, password) to set an account.


All year round, money we raise at school events provides for deserving educational causes right across the school – essential initiatives which otherwise would not be possible. Every cup of tea and glass of wine helps raise funds. We’ll really appreciate your help at any of these events - in whatever way suits you. Please contact us at to help us plan resources. Phil Gandy, Bertukan Muluneh, Immacula Griffith and Rina Patel are all refreshments organisers. Do also feel free just to turn up and lend a hand!

  • Junior Drama | Small Hall Kiosk | Thursday 7th July 2022
  • Junior Drama | Small Hall Kiosk | Friday 8th July 2022
  • Gala Concert | Small Hall Kiosk, or Pimm’s outside, weather permitting | Thursday 14th July 2022


To drive the greater part of our fundraising, we put on our own LPF events. As with school events, they all involve refreshments, usually a bar and often delicious food. Cooks are vital part of our plans, in these and other initiatives: please come and help us if you’re able! If you’d like to help with any of that, we’d love to talk. Please contact

  • Summer Fair | Sunday 3rd July 2022, 12-4pm

500 CLUB

The 500 Club is a community lottery run by LPF, contributing to its funding of educational equipment and other school purchases not covered by the local authority. It’s simple - and true to its name...

A maximum of 500 numbers, each priced at only £12.00 per year, are held by Members of our community of parents and friends. Approximately half of the proceeds are kept by LPF to support of the school, with the remainder being paid back to subscribers in a monthly Prize Draw. In June and December each year, jackpot prizes of £500 are awarded. In each of the other ten months there are two prizes of £75 and £25.

Running continually for over twenty years, our 500 Club continues to be heavily subscribed. But each year as students leave the school and their parent Members resign, numbers become available.

Supporting us in this way is an easy way to help the school, with the great opportunity of twelve chances to win. Joining couldn’t be easier and just involves your setting up an annual Standing Order for one or more numbers. Remember that for just a single annual payment of £12.00, your number is automatically entered into the draw for twelve consecutive months!

For more information, please email our 500 Club secretary, Natascha, at