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Who endeavours wins

Founded in 1624, the Latymer School has provided an excellent education to the young people of Edmonton and its surrounding areas in North London for almost 400 years. Over the course of its existence, our school community has expanded and diversified, evolving into an incredibly inclusive school with a great tradition of success.

Welcome to the latymer school

A first class education

Our mission is to develop lively, inquiring minds and aid young people to reach their full potential. Through strong leadership and exceptional teaching, the staff at the Latymer School aim to continue our tradition of academic excellence, while also looking to serve the ever-changing needs of a new generation of Latymerians. We aspire to send all young people into the increasingly interconnected world with the relevant knowledge and wide range of skills necessary to succeed. 

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Achieve your Very Best


Latymer students who got 9-7 results at their GCSEs in 2020-21.


Latymer students who got A*-A at their A Levels in 2020-21


joined a Russell Group university after Latymer.


Latymer students who got A*-B at their A Levels in 2020-21.

School Calendar

Upcoming Events

Check out what is happening at the Latymer School

  • 22 May

    Cwm trip - Year 7 Keats

    All Day

  • 26 May

    Chamber concert - Year 10


  • 30 May

    Half term

    All Day

  • 05 June

    Cwm trip - Year 7 Lamb

    All Day

  • 06 June

    UCAS exams - Year 12

    All Day

  • 07 June

    LPF committee meeting


  • 12 June

    Cwm trip - Year 7 Latymer

    All Day

  • 14 June

    Junior Mathematics Olympiad & Kangaroo Round

    All Day

  • 16 June

    Welcome events - Upcoming Year 7 students and their parents

    All Day

  • 16 June

    Chamber concert - Year 9


  • 17 June

    LPF non uniform day

    All Day

  • 19 June

    Cwm trip - Year 7 Dolbe

    All Day

  • 20 June

    Work experience - Year 11

    All Day

  • 23 June

    Music information evening for new entrants

    6:00pm – 7:45pm

  • 27 June

    Biology field day trip - Year 12

    All Day

  • 30 June

    Open evening for prospective Year 7 parents

    3:00pm – 7:00pm