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Headteacher's welcome

Founded in 1624, the Latymer School has provided an excellent education to the young people of Edmonton and North London for 400 years. Over the course of its existence, our school community has expanded and diversified, evolving into an incredibly inclusive school with a great tradition of success.

Our mission is to develop lively, inquiring minds and aid young people to reach their full potential. Through strong leadership and exceptional teaching, the staff at the Latymer School aim to continue our tradition of academic excellence, while also looking to serve the ever-changing needs of a new generation of Latymerians. We aspire to send all young people into the increasingly interconnected world with the relevant knowledge and wide range of skills necessary to succeed. 

At the Latymer School we believe that success is not only measured through academic achievement, but equally through emotional and social development. We therefore focus on equipping students with the academic and social skills necessary to make a positive contribution to society. 

Learning is not solely limited to the classroom and staff foster a study environment that takes students well beyond the curriculum. We are proud to provide a plethora of exciting and worthwhile extracurricular activities, and we also encourage students to engage in independent research activities and student-led societies.

At the Latymer School, it is our firm principle to put students at the heart of everything, thus they have the opportunity to influence policy and practice. The Senior Leadership Team places a high importance on the student voice and is committed to taking into account the views of the student body. Students are encouraged to value the principles of democracy, meritocracy and civic duty through participation in the School Council. In this way, our young people realise the importance of devoting time to the community while developing a capacity for mediation and leadership. 

As a school, we understand that secondary education represents a major stage in the life of each young person. The Latymer School is therefore committed to working collaboratively with parents, carers and the local community to support our young people during their formative years. By providing an environment where differences are celebrated and respected, we aim to enable students to develop a strong sense of identity and individual purpose. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our Latymer community. 

Maureen Cobbett