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Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, which we hope will help you in the process.

Can I get assistance when completing the online registration form?

Please email for assistance.

Are there a fixed number of places?

Each year we admit approximately 50 new students to Year 12.

Do siblings of existing/past Latymer students have priority?

Designated grammar schools cannot give priority to siblings of current or former pupils.

When can successful applicants see the school?

There is a Sixth Form open evening every year, the date is posted on the website.

What about foreign language tuition?

There are three languages offered at A Level: French, German and Russian.

What about a child with an Education Health & Care Plan?

A student with a special educational need is welcome to apply. Their application will be treated in the same way as all other applicants. Students should indicate a special educational need or disability on the online registration form. We will inform you of any decision about special arrangements for the assessment tests in writing.

If you are offered a place at Latymer then the Head of Learning Support will liaise with you and your current school in order to put in place any relevant support. Read more about our Learning support.

I am a looked after child (in local authority care / adopted child), do I get priority?

If you are going to study maths or science, you still have to sit the test in January. If there is a tie for a place and both students are of grammar school standard, the looked after child would take priority.

How do I appeal against a decision not to accept my child?

Details of the steps you need to take will be made known to you in the outcome letter you receive from us after the tests have taken place.

Firstly you will need to inform the governors of your wish to appeal; you will then be sent a form on which you state the reason(s) for your appeal.

Appeals are heard in September or October by an independent panel of three at the school.

What about the waiting list?

Places are offered and filled in September. We do not usually accept students later than that as too much of the course could be missed.

Why do I have to do a Year 12 entrance test if I want to study A Levels in either Maths or the sciences?

Every year these subjects are severely oversubscribed with many more external students wanting to take these subjects than there are available places. Therefore, the fairest way to give conditional offers is by using a test and the score is then used to rank applicants. Subject places are then allocated in that order until the capacity is reached. Students still have to achieve the entry requirements for their place to be confirmed after GCSE results.

If I am applying for A Levels that do not include these subjects will I automatically be given a conditional offer?

No - your school will be contacted to provide predicted grades, and we will use these to decide if we can make a conditional offer or not. The number of non Maths and Science places we can offer is also limited by capacity. Students still have to achieve the entry requirements for their place to be confirmed after GCSE results.