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2024 admissions

How to join​​​​ the Latymer Sixth Form in September 2024.


Please visit this page regularly, as we will update new information as and when it becomes available.

New students

The Latymer School strongly encourages applications from new students with a passion for their chosen subjects and welcomes them to our community.

As of the 30th November 2023, the deadline for submitting applications for entry to Year 12 in September 2024 has now closed. Please contact if you have any questions.

Important dates
  • 27th September 2023: Sixth Form online applications opened. 
  • 2nd November 2023, 5pm-7pm: Sixth Form open evening. For further details on the event, read the open evening booklet. Please see the presentations given on that night at the bottom of this page.
  • 30th November 2023: deadline to submit Sixth Form online applications.
  • By 20th December 2023: notification of test time sent out.
  • 13th January 2024: Assessment test for prospective Year 12 students.
  • End of March 2024: conditional offers made.
  • 23rd August 2024, 12 midday: deadline to send GCSE results. 
We only admit students who live in the following postcodes:
E2, E4, E5, E8, E9, E17, EN1, EN2, EN3, EN4, EN5 (Sectors 1, 2, 4, 5 only), EN8 (Sectors 7, 8, 9 only), N1 (not N1C), N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20, N21, N22

Students wishing to join the Latymer School Sixth Form should:

  • Have the necessary GCSE background - students must achieve at least numerical grade 7 (or equivalent) in the subjects they wish to study at A Level; and students must achieve at least 6 numerical grade 7s (or equivalent) overall in the GCSE examinations.
  • Meet any additional requirements, as specified by specialist subjects (in particular Mathematics and the Sciences).
  • Live in one of the postcodes specified in our current admission arrangements (see list above).
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in their studies.
  • Have previously demonstrated an ability to meet coursework deadlines.
  • Have a strong record of attendance and punctuality.

Please read our determined admission arrangements for 2024 entry for more information (pages 8-9 for Sixth Form).

As of the 20th April 2022, there is also further guidance for parents on the rights of foreign nationals to access schools in England.

More information for new students:

Application process

There are three parts to the application.

  • An application form: personal details and subject choices. 
  • A personal statement, outlining academic interests and involvement in extracurricular activities.
  • A test for any applicant wanting to do any of the following subjects: Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics. The tests have been designed to emphasise rational thinking. Advanced preparation or revision is not required. If you are doing GCSEs you are capable of doing the test. Don’t panic and do not be put off applying. Please check the document at the bottom of the page for further practical details.

The total test time is 72 minutes. Plus approx 50 mins settling/instructions/practice time spread over the different parts. The test is divided into three parts:

  • Non-verbal reasoning (using shapes): 20 minutes
  • Verbal reasoning and number reasoning: 26 minutes
  • Spatial and figure analysis (using patterns and numbers): 26 minutes
  • Each section will start with a marked example and some practice questions. It is not knowledge based but tests thinking skills.

Please note that there are no practice materials or past papers for these tests, so please do not contact the school. 

Entry requirements for Mathematics and the Sciences

Each year the Mathematics and Science courses at the Latymer Sixth Form are oversubscribed. This means that it is unfortunately necessary to limit the number of offers given in these subjects.

In the interest of fairness, new candidates wishing to study these subjects are required to take an entrance examination, which is then used to rank order applicants. Places on the course will be awarded using this ranking system.

Students must meet all entry requirements for their place to be confirmed after GCSE results.

Entry requirements for non-Maths and Science subjects

  • If you select four subjects that don’t include any Maths or Science subjects, then you do not have to sit the test.
  • Your offer will be based on GCSE predictions from your existing school and spaces available in your chosen subjects. You will be sent a form that needs to be completed by your existing school and returned to the Latymer School.
  • You will not be allowed to switch to Maths/Science courses if you haven’t sat the test. So if there is any chance that you may want to do Maths/Science A Levels then please sit the test.

Selection process

  • There is a postcode criteria (see above for the full list).
  • The test will be used to rank students.
  • A conditional offer will be made to the 60 to 80 highest ranked students. This is dependent on spaces being available in your selected subjects.
  • This offer will be 6 level 7s at GCSE, including level 7s in your chosen subject choices - where applicable. A minimum of A Level 5 is required in Maths and English for all students.
  • If you have a conditional offer, please use this form to submit your GCSE results by 23rd August 2024, midday.
  • If you fail to get a conditional offer you are welcome to contact the school after GCSE results. The deadline is 12 noon the day after GCSE results are released - please use this form.
  • If you meet the conditional offer and there is spare capacity in your chosen subjects, we may be able to offer additional places. We will consider the achieved GCSE grades. Each year between 15 and 20 students get offers in this way.

Available spaces

  • We tend to be heavily oversubscribed for the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Physics.
  • We tend to have more places available in the following subjects: Art, Media and Russian.
  • Your chances of getting a conditional offer will be greater if you select a combination of the above under-subscribed subjects with Economics, English, French, Geography, History, Music, Politics and Religious Studies.
  • Your greatest chance of getting a conditional offer is if you select a combination containing all under-subscribed subjects.
  • You will not be allowed to switch to the oversubscribed subjects once you have a conditional offer.

Please visit the Sixth Form section for more information about the programme of study, subjects available to study and A Level choices.

Current students only – Internal options’ timeline and guidance

Mr Wakefield (Deputy Head, Sixth Form) or Mr Grassick (Deputy Head, Curriculum) will be happy to discuss options at any stage. In Year 10 or 11 all students at the Latymer School receive Careers Education and Guidance. The school's Careers Library is well stocked with a range of relevant publications, as well as access to the Internet, and Careers Librarians and teachers are on hand to provide assistance at lunchtimes. Students can also arrange additional follow-up careers interview (through the Head of Careers) if they need further guidance on post-16 options and in the case of special circumstances.

Current students – Key dates
  • End of November/early December: Options form are completed and returned by existing pupils.
  • Early February: Year 11 consultation evening.
  • End of April: Letter confirming a place in the Sixth Form and informing about progress in the options process.
  • End of August: Students confirm their intention to attend the Sixth Form.

Find out more about A Level subjects, exam results and more in the Sixth Form section.


Please find below a link to some of the presentations given at the open evening on the 2nd November 2023.

Further information