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Legacy giving

Leave a gift in your will.

Leaving a gift in your will to the Latymer School will help build better prospects for all future pupils.

When we look back on the key moments and people in our lives, it’s only natural to start to think about the future and how we can leave our mark on the world. We think of our loved ones, our community and we also think about how our impact can reach even further. By choosing to leave a gift in your will, there’s a way to leave something behind for loved ones as well as the future Latymer pupils.

The generosity of Old Latymerians, former teachers and parents has made the school a wonderful place. It is important to remember that the whole school is itself a remarkable gift – a legacy from Edward Latymer who bequeathed certain property on condition that they were to clothe and educate "eight poore boies of Edmonton".

But it is of course an inspired legacy of a different kind that Latymer gave to us all – a vision for a school which provides a first class, liberal education where pupils achieve their full potential and which puts such precious, humanising qualities as tolerance, individuality and concern for the community at the centre of that vision.

However large or small, a fixed percentage of your estate or a monetary gift, your decision will help encourage pupils to contribute to the common good both now and in the future. We understand that leaving a gift in your will is a big personal decision, but by taking these small steps now, you will have a big impact for years to come.

There are different ways in which you can leave a gift in your will to the Latymer Foundation:
  1. You can give a share of your estate – this means that we will receive a percentage of the value of your property (including money) after any debts and expenses relating to your death have been paid. By giving a gift in this way, it won’t be affected by inflation.
  2. You can give a specific sum of money.
  3. You can give a specific item – this may be jewellery, property or shares. If you’d like to give in this way, please let us know so that we can understand your wishes.

Although you can use ‘do-it-yourself’ will kits, we strongly advise that you create your will with a qualified solicitor, who will tell you everything you need to know and ensure your Last Will and Testament is legally binding.

If you would like to leave a gift to the Latymer Foundation, please make a note of our full details, i.e. The Latymer Foundation at Edmonton, registered charity number 325078, The Latymer School, Haselbury Road, London N9 9TN.