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Senior pupils

We work hard to ensure the emotional and mental wellbeing of all of our students and to help young people foster meaningful relationships with their peers.

The Latymer School encourages student participation in all areas of school life, relying in particular on its Senior Pupil Team to give voice to the views of the wider student body. Each year staff elect Year 13 students that have shown strong leadership capabilities to form the Senior Pupil Team.

Led by the Head Pupils, these students are responsible for representing the school and its values when working with students, parents, members of staff and the wider community. As well as advising as part of the Eco Committee and the School Council, Senior Pupils meet with the Headteacher once a week to discuss issues that they deem to be especially relevant to the student community.

Team members also help to organise events, speak at open evenings and ceremonies, and oversee the maintenance of the Sixth Form Common Room.

The Senior Pupil Team comprises the following:

  • Two Head Pupils
  • Two Deputy Head Pupils
  • Fourteen Senior Pupils
  • Two Sports Captains
  • Two Vice Sports Captains