Examination Results

In the following pages the academic results achieved by our pupils are outlined as set out below:

Year 11 pupils GCSE Results by Subject and Grade
Year 12 Pupils AS Results by subject and grade
Year 13 Pupils A Level Results by Subject and Grade

The Latymer GCSE Results 3 Year review can be found here

The Latymer A2 and AS Results 3 Year review can be found here

Examination Results in the Context of Wider Pupil Development

Latymer's strong academic record has been maintained and improved over the years, we should like to emphasise that these results are only achieved through close working together of parents, pupils and school.

We believe that school life should be about more than academic results and we encourage you to consider the other opportunities that Latymer offers as outlined elsewhere in this document. Such activities help pupils develop the wider skill base so necessary for the world of the twenty first century.

We also encourage pupils to reflect on the thought that, in addition to sustained examination success, "School life should be enjoyed for itself and not just as a preparation for the future."

Department for Education Statistical Information About the School

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