Since Edward Latymer's bequest in 1624, the school has always relied on the generosity and goodwill of individuals such as parents/carers, alumni and friends. Their commitment over the years has played a crucial role in having a tangible impact on the facilities and opportunities we offer to all our students, regardless of their means or background.

The generosity of parents, along with the Latymer Foundation’s ongoing fundraising efforts, have helped fund major projects such as the construction of the Mills Building for Performing Arts, the Sports and Dining Hall Complex and the Seward Studio. Our current fundraising priorities are to maintain the school’s outstanding educational standards and credentials, along with substantial building improvements such as upgrading the heating and electricity systems.

Latymer is a state-funded school, but we believe that the facilities we offer and the education we provide rival that of top independent establishments, both locally and nationally. Now, more than ever, we need your support to help continue deliver the very best standards of education!

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Thank you so much to all the generous donors who make the impact of the Foundation possible!

The Latymer Foundation at Edmonton is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 325078).