Latymer has a house system of six houses. Two Houses take their names from local historical figures Charles Lamb and John Keats, while Richard Ashworth and Charles Dolbé were former headteachers.

Edward Latymer was the founder of the school and Anne Wyatt was a generous patron of the school.

Staff and students are in one of six houses. Each house has an associated colour, which are typically used by pupils to identify themselves at house competitions (notably the house drama and music competitions, which take place on alternate years) and at sports day.

The house colours are as follows: Ashworth: sky blue, Dolbé: royal blue, Keats: red, Lamb: purple, Latymer: green, Wyatt: yellow.

Each year, the Houses have the opportunity to compete against each other in different events throughout the school year:

The results of each competition are weighted and points awarded to each house.

The house with the most points at the end of the year receives the Dormer Shield. The runner up receives the Jones Cup.