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covid catch up premium

Statement's latest update: May 2022

During the 2020-21 and 2021-22 financial years, the Latymer School has received a total of £76,710 of Covid 19 Catch Up Premium.

ESFA guidance on the use of the premium is that schools should use this funding for specific activities to support their pupils’ education recovery in line with the curriculum expectations in the actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak guidance. Schools can use their funding in a way that suits their cohort and circumstances, they are expected to use this funding for specific activities which will help pupils catch up on missed learning. Schools should particularly focus on disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils as we know they have been most affected. The premium has been, is or will be used in the following ways:

Activity - Completed Effect on educational attainment
Study and Revision Guides in academic subjects Subjects have supported students through purchase of hard copy revision / study guides, so support learning and catch up. This has been particularly the case in Modern Foreign Languages and Geography, where disruption has been great through loss of opportunities for oral work, and fieldwork.
Shakespeare Company in school production Students in Years 7–10 were able to experience a ‘live’ performance of Shakespeare that had not been possible due to Covid restrictions. This supports understanding of literature in an applied context, and enriches students beyond the academic curriculum as well.
Year 8 visit to Go Ape No off-site team building activity had been possible when students were in Year 7, which would usually include a week in the school residential centre in North Wales in summer. This outdoor activity involved team building and social skills, to support classroom learning and overall well-being of students, enabling them to develop better relationships and foster community spirit, so needed after Covid restrictions.
Activity - Ongoing Effect on educational attainment
Tutoring for students in Year 14 and Year 13 This supported lost learning from the pandemic, and enabled students to take Autumn series exams with confidence, and to support ongoing catch up for summer 2022 exams. Subject leads identified students that needed support, and after-school tutoring in small groups has been put in place, to catch up and consolidate learning.
GCSE Pod Subscription to this online resource for GCSE, but also for transition to A Level, to support academic attainment, and ongoing study skills.
Edukit Solutions App Supports student wellbeing using a digital platform – students are encouraged to use this as appropriate to their needs, to support their overall mental health and wellbeing.
Additional staffing in English, to create support groups, and smaller teaching groups This has enabled support to be given to students in younger Year Groups, who have been affected by transition to secondary school not being smooth, due to pandemic restrictions. This will be extended from January 2022.
Activity for 2022 Effect on educational attainment
Tutoring for students in Year 12 and Year 11 This will be put in place from January 2022, to support learning and outcomes for students in GCSE and AS exams in summer 2022. Students will be targeted following assessments taken in Autumn Term 2021.
Purchase of online parental consultation software We have been using MS Teams for this so far, but will purchase bespoke software to make these consultation appointments even more efficient, to provide more effective feedback to students and parents, so that progression can be maximised. (NOT PURCHASED AT MAY 2022).
Purchase of bespoke e-planner software This will enable students to record homework and assessment more easily, and build on the work done via remote learning during lockdown. This supports their digital learning and progression, consolidating skills and preparation for working life. (NOT PURCHASED AT MAY 2022).
Maintain additional staffing in core subjects to maintain smaller class sizes This will mean that more targeted work can be given to students, to support learning and progression. Areas of need will be assessed as the school year progresses.

During the 2020-21 and 2021-22 financial years, the Latymer School has received a total of £76,710 of Covid 19 Catch Up Premium.

For the previous financial year (2021-22), there was a brought forward balance of £44,750 from 2020-21, and we received in year amounts of:

  • Recovery premium 21-22: £5,656
  • School-led tutoring: £5,552
  • Covid catch up: £31,960 

This gave a funding total of £87,918, of which £46,572 was spent in 2021-22 as follows:

  • Tutoring sessions after school by Latymer staff for students in Year 11, 13 and 14: £23,197.73
  • Resources for students: £12,918.57
  • Well-being activities to support student achievement: £10,455.70

For the current financial year (2022-23), the Latymer School therefore had a brought forward balance of £41,346. Allocated costs for the financial year to date are £18,630, for continued post-school intervention sessions made available to disadvantaged students, and others for whom this would be appropriate in Years 11, 12, 13, and 14.

As of 6th May 2022, remaining funds are £22,716.