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Year 10 chamber concert

Another wonderful musical night at Latymer

Well done to all our musicians!

Our Year 10 students put on a brilliant evening of music in the Seward Studio - a combination of solos, small ensembles and not-so-small ensemble items, involving nearly a quarter of the year group altogether.  

Molly, a Year 10 pupil, commented “The Year 10 Chamber Concert was one of the favourite concerts I have taken part in at Latymer this year. From across the year group we had a wonderful mix of music styles and genres, from Frozen duets and film music medleys to piano sonatas and flute ensembles. It was lovely to see a mix of soloists and ensembles, students who take GCSE music and also those who don't. The whole evening was incredibly entertaining, and everyone enjoyed it immensely.”