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Our new dance club

Exciting new club at Latymer!

The Dance Club began as a new extracurricular activity at the start of the school year.

"We learn new dances and techniques using teamwork and having fun! Dance Club has also provided us with the opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion for dance and allows us to be part of a welcoming community. Not to mention our wonderful teachers, Paula from RAD and Miss Perrin!

On Monday 25th April, the six of us went to Jacksons Lane Arts Centre to take part in the Day of Dance! Although the other school's dance group had a lot more students, we still had a lot of fun learning new dance choreography and exploring the various opportunities around dance.

We all learned a lot from both performing and watching the other group perform as it was exciting and interesting. We were introduced to new aspects of the dance world, including the CAT scheme as well.
We also had the chance to meet professionals from different companies and learn about their backgrounds in dance. It was so inspiring to hear how different people worked their way up to their current dance careers!"

Holy (Year 9); Perrez and Eva (Year 8); Amanda, Diyora and Michelle (Year 7).