The Latymer School's Parent Community.

One of the elements that makes a successful school is parental support and encouragement. At Latymer it is not just about supporting your own child or children but also helping to enhance the school experience for all pupils. This is where the LPF comes in. There are four main areas to LPF activities:-

  • We are a traditional PTA with a summer fayre, quiz, car boot sales etc. We also raise funds to buy educational items to help children in and out of the classroom.
  • We support a very busy school staff, with events such as music, drama and parent evenings and the carol service
  • We organise pupil events such as the Junior Christmas Party
  • We enable parents to engage with each other socially.

The LPF is a registered charity and the efforts of many parents over the years have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to add just a little more to the opportunities and experiences of all Latymer students. From minibuses, through to historical artefacts, to iPads, to play scenery and goalposts and a complete spectrum in-between; all Latymer students benefit from our efforts. LPF is therefore a vital contributor to the school’s educational offer. As a Latymer parent you can play your part in supporting these efforts either in assisting with events or simply turning up and enjoying the show. All involvement will help ensure that there’ll be a successful LPF supporting your children whilst they are at the school and an organisation ready to pass on to future generations of parents wishing to support Latymer pupils. We also welcome innovative ideas to supplement our programme.
Help out, join in or simply enjoy.
Phil Gandy
Chair Latymer Parents & Friends

Email lpf@latymer.co.uk

Write to us LPF The Latymer School Haselbury Road London N9 9TN


Each year, LPF hosts a special festive party, just for pupils in Years 7 and 8. Managed by our Parent Supervisors, it’s an enjoyable and sociable evening for youngsters: a chance to express themselves, burn some energy and make new friends too.

This year’s Party will be held on Friday 13 December in the Great Hall, 7:00pm-9:00pm. DJ Raw will entertain, refreshments will be available all evening and glow-in-the dark fun will be had by all.

Tickets go on sale in the Small Hall on Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 December, 12.30pm-1:00pm. (Students enjoy buying the tickets during their lunch break!) Each ticket – at £5 – 
entitles the bearer to a small bottle of water and a free glow stick on the night.

Refreshments, more glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark temporary transfers/tattoos will be on sale all evening – and are always extremely popular! But please help us by giving your child change rather than notes to buy them.

We do hope that your child will join us for the 2019 Latymer Junior Party!

Loretta Casey LPF Event Co-ordinator

NB | Admission and exit is via the West Entrance at the back of the school only - please use the North to South Gate one-way system, parking on the playground behind the school when dropping off and picking up. Please ensure that your child both arrives at and is collected from school safely by a responsible adult. May those collecting please be at school promptly by 9:00pm and wait in the West Entrance lobby. There will be no access to pupil lockers during the evening. School bags will not be allowed in the Great Hall, but may be left in the corridor outside. Enjoy the evening!


Latymer Parents and Friends will meet on Tuesday 1st December at 7.30pm - by Zoom. To join email lpf@latymer.co.uk for an invite. All Latymer parents are welcome - and friends of the School too. Please come along and join us in organising events, supporting the school and building an active community this year. We always need help and we'd love to see you!

For the AGM, if you'd like to nominate anyone (including yourself) for any of the official roles for 2020-21 (of Chair, Secretary or Treasurer - checking with them first!), please contact Phil Gandy (Chair), or Christine Bowen (Secretary), via our email address lpf@latymer.co.uk, or respond to our Facebook notice of this event.

OTHER SCHOOL EVENTS COMING SOON - with LPF supporting activity

Throughout the year, money we raise at school events provides essential means to deliver deserving causes right across the school - initiatives which otherwise would not be possible.

Every cup of tea and glass of wine helps raise vital funds. We’d really appreciate your help at any of these events - in any way that suits you. Please contact the LPF lpf@latymer.co.uk in advance if you can – as this helps us plan resources. But also do feel free just to turn up on the day or evening and lend a hand.

500 CLUB

WHAT IS THE 500 CLUB? The 500 club (formerly the 350 Club) is one of the ways in which the LPF raises money for the school to help fund purchases of equipment and other items that are not provided by the local authority.

The principle is very simple: Up to 500 numbers, each costing only £12 a year, are held by parents and friends. Approximately half the proceeds go to the Association in support of the school, whilst the remainder is paid back to subscribers by way of a monthly prize draw.

Prizes are £500 in June and December each year, with two prizes of £75 and £25 in each of the other ten months. The 500 club has now been going for over 20 years, and continues to be very popular. However, each year some spaces become available as pupils leave the school, and some parents resign their membership.

Joining up is a great opportunity for you to support the school, with the added bonus of a chance to win the monthly draw.

It’s easy to set up your standing order for one or more numbers. Remember, for only £12 your number is entered into the draw for 12 months!

For more information please email the 500 Club secretary Natascha at latymer500@gmail.com