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Latymer Keep Updated

Latymer Keep Updated

Hi, this is a page dedicated for Latymer students to be provided with information in a more efficient and clearer way. This is from an educational point of view where there are resources, articles and information available. As well as being a forum for people to be informed and understand history that the curriculum does not cover BME/BIPOC history. We aim to keep the momentum going and hopefully whilst being in lockdown, you can still educate yourself further and become a better ally.

If you have any suggestions or discussion points (History/English POV) that you would like posted on this website, press here to fill out the form.

Also, this is a forum for all students and teachers, so, if you would like to add something to this website then please send the document or resource here. If you want to write a blog or check out petitions and email templates, then go check out Zahra's BAME LDN page here!

  • Within a week, some senior students have come into school during summer to create a Black Achievements Display. This display runs along the Great Hall, click [here] to see a small preview of the boards!

    Today we presented our BLM assembly to the whole school we hope you enjoy watching it too!

    • ACS society are in the process of creating a BLM board for the Great Hall, although it is a way to appreciate and commemorate Black Men and Women's history and work, we believe it shouldn't stop there. So please try to educate yourself, and look at the resource pages below.

    • As changing the curriculum is an ongoing discussion, it is a long term process, so the English as well as History department are looking for ways to incorporate educating students whether that be through extra curriculum or on a student's own accord.

    • Please keep updated with this website as well as Zahra's in the link above, I will keep updating so that your emails won't be spammed and can be a better way to take in information!
  • If you have parents who might not understand what's going on with BLM, or cannot understand English as well as you can, here is a link for pre-written letters written in multiple languages that might help them understand more. Letters For Black Lives

    A lot of us, students and teachers, might not know our rights. Check this website, learn your rights

    Feeling overwhelmed? Make sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Young Minds has a great 24/7 Crisis Messenger service where anyone can text a trained volunteer. Check their website for networks that allow you to text them for free here. Text 'YM' to 85258.

  • Maisie and Rojbin in Year 12 have created a literary magazine: Euphrasia. They'll be publishing new issues monthly, full of books we've read as well as interesting articles and podcasts. This month's issue (below) focuses on Black Lives Matter: we've reviewed both fiction and non-fiction, written by black authors. July's theme will be 'London'. Details on contributing are at the end of the issue.

  • Check out these open Parliment Petitions and don't forget you can catch up on Modern Black Poets podcasts on BBC4.

    Are you interested in Modern Poetry? Click the links below for recommendations of great Poets tackling racism and race.