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t 9am on Saturday 11th July, the Great Hall still looked very much like Munchkin Land (the Junior Drama
production of The Wizard of Oz had run for the two previous evenings). However as we know, “many hands
make light work” and thanks to the efficiency of site staff, drama department staff, cast and crew members
and L.O.S.A. committee members, by midday the Hall was miraculously ready to receive almost three hundred
Old Students for a sit-down lunch on L.O.S.A.’s annual Summer Reunion Day.
We welcomed several large groups celebrating special anniversaries this year (the 1980 intake managed a
particularly impressive 40+ lunch guests). Many more former students opted to arrive after lunch and were
able to spend the rest of the afternoon reminiscing with their old classmates; I estimate something in the
region of 500-600 visitors to the school during Reunion Day, not counting members of the eighteen teams
competing in the Latymer Old Boys’ Football Club five-side tournament out on the school field.
Reunion Day is a wonderful celebration of what Latymer has meant to students throughout the decades: most
state schools would find it extraordinary to think that ex-pupils who left decades ago would be keen to return
on a regular basis as many of ours are. To all those former pupils with mixed feelings about the idea of a school
reunion, I urge you to give it a try when a gathering for your year group comes up; often people are surprised
to find how much they enjoy the chance to spend an afternoon going “back to school”.
Some of the lovely comments that have been made by reunion-goers this year include:
“I really enjoyed seeing everyone. It’s like there is a special thread that runs through us all. A great day with
memories I will keep.”
“Loved seeing you all- it is as if no time has passed at all since we all saw each other last. I have been smiling
all weekend and still am, despite it being a soggy Monday morning!”
“I loved seeing everyone and had the best time. And to think I nearly changed my mind about coming!”
The date for the next Summer Reunion is Saturday 9th July 2016 when we will warmly welcome all those
who joined Latymer in a year ending in -1 or -6, from 1941 through to 1996, or later if there is interest. Please
contact me if you would like to help set up a reunion for your own year group.
Emma Halstead - LOSA Administrator
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