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n May 2015, election fever gripped the country. So, in keeping with a long held Latymer tradition, a mock
election rolled into town. After an extensive application process, Latymer candidates were selected from Year
10. Those political heroes were; Conservative - Nathan Davies; Labour - Molly Foster; Liberal Democrat - Asit
Rahman, UKIP - Hector Bloggs and Green - Alice Fox. The leaders, each supported by a team of Sixth Formers,
waged fierce and bitter campaigns, clashing repeatedly over the NHS and immigration. This was notable in
a whole school assembly where our leaders emerged onto the stage to the sound of dramatic music and
engaged in a live debate which more than lived up to the hype. Over the course of the two week campaigns, it
became increasingly difficult to avoid noticing the election – stickers and posters spread like diseases around
the school, each of the parties displaying creative designs and emotive messages.
Another political debate gave Latymer students a chance to get up to speed with the key issues of the election.
This time five Year 12s and 13s took part during a lunchtime in front of a packed Sixth Form study room. Things
got pretty heated with Will Curtin and Jesse Lucas involved in some memorable skirmishes.
After each party gave closing statements to the school, all that was left to do was vote. In 2013 for the mock
European election, Latymer attempted to move ahead of the curve by dabbling in online voting. However this
year, as a nod to tradition, Sixth Formers painstakingly handed out, collected in and counted 1365 separate
voting slips with each of the 52 form groups counting as a constituency. There was no obligation to vote,
Despite excellent campaigns from each party, Labour crushed their opponents in the final count, gaining 45
out of a possible 52 seats, with Lib Dem and Conservatives earning 4 and 3 respectively. The 91.9% voter
turnout reflected the enthusiastic involvement of the whole school and the success of the event. Thank you
to everyone who took part for their hard work and the whole school, for engaging in the process. The election
was conducted in a good spirit and we hope every single student was able to take something out of it.
David Verry 12MKI, Najid Rehman 12CHA
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