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n Saturday 13th June, four of our year 12 German class travelled to Murray Edwards College, Cambridge,
along with Ms Reinecke, Ms Garsed and Ms Tibballs. We were participating in a German translation day,
which involved a series of talks and a workshop. There was a strong focus on the translation of literature and
there were speakers such as Klaus Fritz, who translated the Harry Potter series into German. He spoke about
the difficulties of translating a fantasy novel with invented words – he had to use his own imagination and
creativity as well as his language skills to find the right balance between meaning and effect. As Ms Garsed
said, translation is very much an art as well as a science. We then took part in a workshop facilitated by
Dr Duncan Large, the director of the British Centre for Literary Translation. We compared different English
translations of Goethe’s famous German play ‘Faust’, which gave us an insight into German literature which
we hadn’t studied before. It was interesting how varied the translations were and how each translator
had interpreted the text in a unique way. Later, there was a panel discussion between the translators and
academics present. One of the most interesting speakers was Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of
Canterbury and current master of Magdelene College, Cambridge. He emphasised the importance of learning
foreign languages, explaining that when you learn to say things in different ways, you learn to see things in
different ways, and so languages allow you to look at the world intelligently. We all enjoyed the day and know
that it will be useful to us in year 13 as we continue learning German.
Nicolina Kalantery,12FEL Polly Holmes 12FEL, Zehra Bhimani 12FEL, Samantha Alderman 12BRI
Below: Miss Garsed, Polly Holmes, Nicolina Kalentery, Samantha Alderman, Zehra Bhimani, Miss Tibbalds
Cambridge German
Translation Day
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