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atymer School’s Cricket facilities have been boosted by an impressive, recently installed, new nets
practice area.
Six new top quality net bay areas have been installed for Latymer students to hone their batting and bowling
The synthetic practice facility has been funded by The Latymer Foundation using Standards Fund parental
contributions as central government funding is not available for sports field improvements.
Head of Physical Education, Mr King, said: “We were delighted when we received the go ahead for the new
Cricket nets, as well as for two new artificial wickets, because we urgently needed to upgrade our Cricket
coaching and playing facilities. The new synthetic practice areas are top quality and have been installed to
meet ECB specifications.”
“The new facility will enable us to introduce a much more structured teaching programme of Cricket for boys
and girls and will benefit all age groups.”
“This new non-turf surface will give plenty of cricket opportunity for more people to be taught and
encouraged to play the game.”
“Latymer’s approach to investing in high quality sustainable facilities will help Cricket to attract and retain
many new participants and create more opportunities to develop sporting talent.”
Greg Heald
New Cricket facilities
at Latymer
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