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ne of the elements of a successful school is parental support and encouragement. At Latymer it is not
just about supporting your own child or children but also helping to give added-value to the school experience
for all pupils. This is where the Association of Parents and Friends of Latymer School (APFLS) comes in.
There are four main areas to APFLS activities:-
• A traditional PTA with a summer fete, quiz etc., raising funds to buy educationally supporting items
• Assisting a large, fully engaged school staff, with events such as music and drama evenings but also
various parent evenings and the carol service
• Holding pupil specific events such as the Junior Parties/Discos and the Year 11 Thames prom
• A means for parents to interface socially
The APFLS is a registered charity and the efforts of many parents over the years have raised hundreds of
thousands of pounds to add just a little more to the opportunities and experiences that Latymer can bring to
all its students. The APFLS is a vital contributor to the school’s educational offer.
2014 has been the most successful year for APFLS for many years, particularly in terms of funds raised
(£25,000) to support the school.
During 2014 APFLS volunteers have organised 10 car boot sales, two quiz nights, the International Food Fair,
two junior parties, served countless cups of tea and coffee and provided refreshments at after-school events
as well as putting up and taking down the school Christmas tree. We also organised a Year 11 Thames river trip
to help students celebrate their long time together at Latymer before new entrants joined the school for Years
12 and 13.
The money raised with your support last year has been used to purchase many items and equipment for
different departments and clubs at the school. These range from garden tools to netball equipment, IT and
media apparatus to artefacts for the History Department. APFLS has also made a major contribution to the
purchase of a new minibus ready for Y9 to use at Cwm this January.
If you haven’t already done so, join the Latymer APFLS Theatre Club - real bargains for top London theatre and
shows at no joining cost. Simply mail Latymer parent Helena,
We also continue with our shopping portal, so shop online via
choosing ‘The
Latymer School, Edmonton’ as your charity.
As a Latymer parent you can do your part in supporting these efforts either in assisting with events or simply
turning up and enjoying the show. Your involvement will help ensure that there’ll be a successful APFLS
supporting your children in their education and an organisation ready to pass on to future generations of
parents wishing to support Latymer pupils.
Graham Jimpson - APFLS Chair
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