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n the 15th January, Year 10 was off timetable for the day in order to give some serious thought to
what we would like to be when we grow up. The day started with a presentation giving us an overview of the
day and what we should get from it. Miss Beskeen and Mrs Hammer talked about how they decided to be
teachers, mentioning many different career choices they had made before choosing to take a teacher’s training
course. They both told us although it is important to earn enough money to live on, it is more important that
we choose a job because we would enjoy it rather than because the job would make us rich. They concluded
by advising us that when we meet the adults, we should ask thoughtful questions finding out as much as we
could what they do in a typical day. After that, half of us went back to our form rooms, got the laptops out
and completed a survey on a website called kudosinspire on our likes, dislikes and skills, while the other half
of us went to meet the careers people. The website generated a number of jobs that should have suited our
individual tastes. It was rather amusing for some of us when the website came up with jobs that completely
disagreed with what we had in mind but each career option had a summary, what skills we would need and
the qualifications that were required.
After the morning break it was our turn to go the Great Hall where there were a number of friends and
parents of Latymer School sitting at tables spread throughout the hall, waiting to be quizzed on their careers.
We got into groups of three a week before, chose what career options we wanted to see and jotted down our
appointment times so we all knew when and where to go. We saw five adults, spending 15 minutes with each
one, asking questions and taking down notes on clipboards. It was fascinating to listen to them talk about what
life was like for them, knowing that we could lead a similar life one day. They told us how they achieved their
goals and gave us advice on how we could do the same.
In the afternoon, we went to the sixth form study room, where a group of adults called Evaluate gave us a
presentation on relationships and sex. We got to discuss these key issues with our friends and with the people
from the Evaluate team and had a fun quiz at the end. This session was quite interesting even though it was
more like a recap of what we had been taught in our PSHEE lessons in year 8 and 9.
We found the Careers Fair an invaluable experience because it enabled us to meet people who are in the
working world and ask them about their careers. The day also helped us to really think about our own career
path and what choices we will make in the near future. We would like to sincerely thank the participants and
the Evaluate team that gave up their day to come and talk to us and also the teachers who made this day
Estelle Liu and Krissmitha Kathirkamanathan
Careers Day
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