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arents/Carers of students in Years 10 and older will remember Mr Kernan. Parents of younger students
may well have heard his name; he was the Deputy Head responsible for pastoral care at Latymer from
September 1999 until his last day in school, July 6th 2012.
Mr Kernan spent a significant part of his career serving Latymer staff and students. I was a colleague of Mr
Kernan for 7 years, some of my colleagues for much longer.
I met him first in January 2005. He was calm and measured but enthusiastic, he clearly cared passionately
about the welfare of students. As I came to know him professionally I knew that I could rely upon him to
be organised, thoughtful and very caring. He taught several subjects as the need demanded, mainly RE and
History. I observed him teach several times. You know an expert in their field when you see them in action, he
taught outstanding lessons day in day out, making it seem effortless. Students respected him, so they worked
well for him, he knew the material well, he drew out of students their own knowledge and opinions, valuing
all. He never failed to impress me every year during the first meeting with the new group of Senior Pupils. He
knew all 22, either having taught them during their previous years at the school, or he’d come across them
through, for example, the Charity Committee. One of the aspects of school life that upset him was any hint
that a student was bullying another. He was very firm, indeed, dare I say it, scary, on the rare occasions that he
had to deal with this.
Over the years he line managed every department in the school in rotation. He line managed Heads of
Year too, and was supportive and caring of them as well as of their charges. Mr Kernan had a range of
interests outside education. He often went to North Norfolk during holidays to birdwatch, he was an avid,
knowledgeable spectator of rugby and cricket, he knew a great deal about art and music; he took advantage of
all the culture that London has to offer.
In July 2012 Mr Kernan was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour which led to a great deal of treatment
from expert doctors, he responded to this well at times and found treatment difficult at other times. In his last
few months he spent most of the time at home, cared for by medical professionals but the main carer was his
Mr Kernan passed away on Sunday, 23rd November and the funeral held in Mayfair on December 12th was
a very moving occasion. A large church was full of those paying their respects. Latymer connections present
to honour his memory included current and former students, staff and parents, governors and a former
Headteacher. The homily by a peer from school days was serious and funny at times, thoughtful and generous.
Instead of flowers, donations were invited for The National Brain Appeal.
Mr Kernan will be greatly missed by students, parents, staff, governors and by those external to the school,
such as counsellors, local police, charitable groups. I will remember him from his work at school; I will
remember him with great fondness as a friend who, when he could no longer work, enjoyed his garden, the
birds, trees and flowers and the company of friends who called and visited. May he rest in peace.
Mark Garbett
Obituary Mike Kernan
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