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ver the New Year, I was fortunate to be invited to a week-long mathematics camp held in Dombovar,
a village in Hungary, for the top 21 school age mathematicians in the country, as well as the top 20 young
mathematicians in Hungary. These were selected from top scorers in the recent British Mathematical Olympiad
Round 1, a national three and a half hour competition, taken in early December 2014. This camp is the first
in a series of four run by the UK Mathematical Trust annually, as part of the national selection process for the
International Maths Olympiad, the most prestigious international competition for school age mathematicians
worldwide. Last year, I was the First Reserve on the UK team, placing me 7th nationally.
At the camp, each day tended to follow a similar schedule. We had a two and a half hour exam each morning,
for training purposes, which would be marked by the staff and given back to us with feedback by the evening.
This was followed by a morning and afternoon lecture by a Hungarian mathematician on a topic of their
choice, from the Riemann Zeta function to graph theory. The evenings had a more varied schedule, from a quiz
to seeing an opera in Hungarian, a most interesting experience. And, of course, the occasional snowball fights.
It was a great experience and I met some very interesting people. I highly recommend students who like maths
to take part in the British Mathematical Olympiad and enjoy the possible rewards.
Neel Nanda 11W
id you know that Richard Ashworth’s first appointment upon becoming
headmaster of Latymer in 1910 was Jano Davies who became First Senior
Mistress and his ‘right hand woman’. She was the adopted daughter of the
distinguished Welsh London surgeon Morgan Davies. In 1914 Jano Davies
married the up and coming Welsh barrister Clement Davies and as was customary
upon a woman marrying, resigned her position at Latymer.
Clement Davies became a Liberal MP in 1929 and then leader of the Liberal party
from 1945 to 1956, a difficult period in which the once great party came close to
extinction. During these years he was the guest speaker at the Latymer speech
day on five occasions. Tragically three of their four children died at the age of 24.
Andrew Granath
Mathematics Camp
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