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n the evening of Thursday 6th November, Leo Hadjinicolaou, Matthew Ho, Sophie Kempston, Sarah
Bandy, Alokya Balagamage, Annie Beganovic and I attended a High Achievers awards ceremony at Edmonton
County School. The Awards are presented by the London Borough of Enfield to seven students from each
school in the borough, who achieved high results in their GCSE exams. During the evening we were all
presented with our awards by the Mayor of Enfield, Cllr. Ali Bakir. As well as this, Sophie Kempston and I
were presented with an award from Routes into Languages for our high GCSE language results. Routes into
Languages have given Sophie and I the opportunity to shadow a student, who is studying a language at
university for a day to give us the chance to see what it would be like to study a language further. This is an
invaluable experience as I am interested in pursuing languages and I am looking forward to taking up the offer.
After the awards had been presented to the 14 schools, there were representatives from universities who
were happy to talk to us and answer any questions we had about further education. As well as this, we took
part in a workshop run by current university students which aimed to help us with the process of choosing
university courses, choosing the right university and writing personal statements. Overall, it was a very useful
and enjoyable evening and we were all very grateful to receive our awards.
Polly Holmes 12FEL
High Achievers Awards
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