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n the 28th January all year 9 German students gathered in the Seward Studio to watch a play called
‘Meine Neue Schwester’. The play was fantastic! The plot was easy to follow. It was about a teenager whose
dad had left a long time ago, the mother finds a new partner who also has a daughter and how the lead
character Katarina is excited and apprehensive about having a step sister – will it be a great friendship or
horrendous nightmare!
The acting was so clear that it made it easy for us to understand the language and also audience participation
and occasional music made the production comical and entertaining.
This was provided by Onatti Productions who produce theatre in foreign languages for schools. Their actors
were native German and came to the UK to perform in schools. We were a little apprehensive about following
the whole play in German, but the script contained a lot of words and phrases which we come across in class.
Thank you to Ms Reinecke and the German department for arranging this for us.
Elisha Shivnani and Obomate Briggs year 9
Meine Neue Schwester
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