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he Latymer School is fortunate in having the APFLS charity helping provide educational items for pupils.
Many of you will be familiar with the APFLS from the Small Hall refreshment kiosk at school events, quiz
evenings or perhaps the summer highlight of the International Food Fair. Funds raised tend to buy items,
ranging from a garden hose for a student project through to a minibus. We are always looking for ways of
increasing APFLS funds and feel that the following would benefit us greatly.
Many companies operate community or charity support schemes often referred to as “match funding”. In fact
many organisations have their own bespoke community or charity support scheme in place.
Examples of the type of scheme could include:
Where an employer matches a charity donation made by one of their workers
Where an employer provides direct donations to a charity
Where fund raising efforts of an employee are “matched” by the employer
Where an organisation operates community support schemes. These are typically where one or
more staff are supported when helping a specific project. These could be anything from painting to
gardening to repairs.
Some companies also provide sponsorship of events; why not sponsor one of our quiz evenings, the school
disco, the International Food Fair or one of our car boot sales?
If you are unsure whether your employer operates such a scheme please do enquire of them.
If you work for an organisation, or are an owner of an organisation, who has any such programme in place we
would love to hear from you. Please email
Karl Brown - Chair
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