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have always enjoyed all sports from a young age but since I joined Latymer I have focused in on squash.
Although it missed out on becoming an Olympic sport, it is a rapidly growing sport and I feel I have benefitted
greatly from this. I train at Coolhurst Squash Club in Crouch End and will typically be on court six times a
week or more. With men’s county leagues and junior competitions running throughout the year, there is
lots of opportunity for competition – even if this does mean travelling the country. I try to play in one junior
tournament a month and they have let me explore the country and visit universities, taking me as far afield as
Newcastle and Cornwall.
Last November I had a very positive experience in the National Championships in Manchester, the home of
the National Squash Centre (next to the Manchester City stadium). Although I lost to the number 1 seed, I
managed to finish 10th, my highest finish in a Gold tournament. Another memorable event involved travelling
abroad to play in the Norwegian Junior Open, staying with family as part of the visit. The trip was a success,
getting lots of good games and beating the Swedish number 1. It also gave a valuable insight into the life of a
professional squash player, having to travel long distances to play tournaments, often with little preparation
for matches.
With a current ranking of 19 in the England U19 age group, I will continue to play squash seriously, aiming to
get to the top 10 and hopefully higher!
Paddy Harrrison - 12MEE
Paddy Harrison
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