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2 September
Autumn term begins
9 September
Media Awards Ceremony
Seward Studio 7.30pm
22 October
Music at Latymer
Great Hall 7.00pm
11 November
Remembrance Assembly
Great Hall 9.00 am
20-22 November
School Play
Great Hall 7.30 pm
11 December
Winter Concert
Great Hall 7.00pm
17 December
Carol Service All Saints Church
Edmonton 7.30pm
18 December
Senior Choir Carol Singing
Trafalgar Square 5.00pm
Dates for your diary
Data Protection Act
We are continually striving to update our database for use by
the Latymer Foundation for the benefit of the school and the
Foundation. If you do not wish to be on the database please let
the Foundation Office know.
Freedom of Information Act
The Freedom of Information Act requires publicly funded
bodies, including schools, to be clear about the information
they publish. We have a publication scheme available that sets
out all this information and where to find it. If you require
further information please contact the governors’ secretary at
the school or email
The Latymer School
Haselbury Road London N9 9TN
020 8807 4037 (School Office)
020 8887 8105 (foundation Office)
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