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he spring term was, as usual, a busy time for extra-curricular music. We held three Chamber Concerts,
an Orchestral Concert, Music at Latymer, House Music Competition, two evenings of A level recitals and a Pop,
Jazz and All That evening, and ran three days of Associated Board exams and a three-day residential orchestral
I remain of the opinion that, of these events, the House Music Competition is a great barometer – perhaps the
best - for the health (musical and general) of the school, not least since it is almost entirely generated and run
by students. Over 500 took part this time, with adjudicator Kate Laurence suitably amazed and impressed by
what she saw and heard, and with Lamb the overall winners this time.
The finals of the Instrumental and Vocal Performance competition early in the summer term were adjudicated
by clarinettist Mark van de Wiel, who referred to his task as ‘very exacting indeed’, such was the very high
standard of so many performances. Particular congratulations to winners Emily Barnes (voice), Jordan Wilson
(brass), Yudi Wu (piano), Yurie Lee (strings) and Joel Wilson (woodwind).
Jim Harrison
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