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his year’s junior drama production was “Private Peaceful” by Michael Morpurgo, adapted for the stage
by Simon Reade. Michael Morpurgo is the author of the hugely successful National Theatre play “Warhorse”
and “Private Peaceful” explores similar territory of ordinary young men caught up in the horrors of the First
World War. Telling the story of two brothers from a small village in Devon, the play depicted their childhood
and teenage years before taking them across the Channel to northern France and the battlefields of the Great
War. This was a junior production and featured a cast of students drawn entirely from Years 7, 8 and 9. With
nearly 70 in the cast, the play contrasted the rural idyll of the pre-war years with the rigours of army training
and the mortal dangers of combat on the battlefield. These scenes required discipline and team work from the
large cast and the demanding subject matter needed to be maturely and sensitively handled. The warm and
appreciative audience response suggested that this had all been achieved and I hope “Private Peaceful” will be
seen as a fitting tribute to “the war to end all wars” which started one hundred years ago.
Nick Vause
“Private Peaceful”
Did You Know?
id you know that from mid 1916 and for the rest of the war up to six barrage balloons were tethered
on various parts of the school field? This was because of the Gotha bombing raids on London that began in
June 1916. The Gothas were a squadron of German heavy biplane twin engine bombers based in Belgium that
were raiding London on a weekly basis. The older Latymer boys were very enthusiastic in ‘helping’ to raise and
lower the balloons. This was part of a fifty mile balloon defence system around London.
Andrew Granath
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