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he first Foundation Day Service was held on Ascension Day Thursday 26th May 1960 at All Saints’ Church
where the school was addressed by the Reverend John Miller, the General Secretary of Student Christian
Movement in Schools. It was a piece of ‘invented tradition’ initiated by Dr Trefor Jones (Headmaster 1957-
70) who was concerned that the school was losing touch with its past. He was aware that Richard Ashworth,
Headmaster of the school when it first came to Haselbury Road, had taken great pride in the antiquity of The
Latymer Foundation and he wished to restore a sense of pride in what Latymer stood for. The aim was not only
to remember the pious memory of Edward Latymer but also to create an awareness of the good fortune of
those who are a part of the school both as pupils and staff.
In the 21st century, all students now attend a Foundation Day service at either All Saints or at School followed
by a half day off (a welcome break for those with a heavy schedule of exams to come), while current and
former staff are invited to lunch, an opportunity to renew old friendships and to enjoy a meal in convivial
In recent years, Latymer Old Students Association has taken responsibility for maintaining the graves of
Richard Ashworth (Headmaster 1910-1928) and Rev. Charles Dolbe (Headmaster 1867-97), both located
in Edmonton Cemetery. LOSA have made repairs to these memorials, and each May, around the time of
Foundation Day, Committee member Terry McGee takes some current Latymer students to the cemetery to lay
flowers and pay their respects.
Dick Hibberd (1928-35) who joined the school just one term before Richard Ashworth’s sudden death recalls
that Mr Ashworth often used a Robert Louis Stephenson prayer at his Morning Assembly: “Lord, behold our
family here assembled. We thank You for this place in which we dwell….”. He would surely have been pleased
that almost eighty-six years after his death, two young Latymerians were there to mark the occasion.
Emma Halstead
Foundation Day
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