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he Latymer School Awards Ceremony 2014 was yet another fine occasion on which the school
community gathered to celebrate the academic and extra-curricular achievements of its members. As
befitting of recent school tradition, members of the class of 2006 returned to the school to celebrate their
achievements and join in the celebrations. Moreover, the awards ceremony presents an opportunity to
congratulate current members of the school for outstanding achievement, and they are awarded a book token,
this year presented by the Mayor of Enfield, Chaudhury Anwar. Speeches were delivered by Mr Garbett, the
Chair of Governors Mr Pilsworth and the 2014 guest speaker Dr Hassan Hakimian. Dr Hakimian, an ex-parent
and Senior Lecturer of Economics as SOAS, delivered an insightful speech about the value of a liberal approach
to education and immigration. Citing the school’s historic openness to immigrants and members of all
communities, Dr Hakimian called upon Latymer to continue to act as a beacon of open-mindedness and liberal
thinking. The audience were delighted by Dr Hakimian’s mercurial and intellectual speech, and it provided a
fitting climax to a day of achievement, excellence and celebration. Congratulations to the prize winners and
thank you to Dr Hakimian, The Mayor of Enfield and all honoured guests.
Jonty Leibowitz, 13HEP
Awards Ceremony
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