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n May bank holiday 2014, in the week of Foundation Day, Mr Terry McGee (Member of the Latymer Old
Students Association, LOSA), Lola Komolafe (7 Dolbe) and I went to Edmonton Cemetery to pay our respects
to the deceased head teachers: Charles Dolbe (1867-1897) and Richard Ashworth (1910-1928). On that fine
morning, at around 11am, we met up at the entrance of the cemetery and placed flowers on their graves, and
took a moment to think about the commitment they had to Latymer School. We also went to the graves of
some of the soldiers who risked their lives during the World Wars, some of them at the young age of 16. It’s
touching to realise how much people have done to make this all work.
We are trying to make this grave visit an annual thing, so if anyone wants to take part, please ask Mr Terry
McGee or Mr Granath for more information.
Georgeena Jose 8 Lamb
Dolbe Grave Visit
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