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eacher Richard Porter joined a group of fellow geographers in
Hardangerfjord, Norway over October half term as part of a group advising
on the potential for school visits to the region. The teachers were joined by
Norwegian tourism industry experts, a representative from the Geographical
Association, and managers from a UK travel company to explore educational
options in the area.
“We have used the travel company Discover the World as the provider for
our geography trips to Iceland for a few years now”, said Richard, “so I was
delighted to be asked by them to be part of this group. My fellow travellers
were all geography teachers and Education Visits Co-ordinators from schools
throughout the country.”
It was an early start at Heathrow the day after breaking up for half term,
and whilst most teachers were earning a well-earned rest, Richard met up
with the group for a morning flight to Bergen. After touring the city, the group
then travelled up the coast and further inland to explore the region’s stunning
landscapes during a busy week-long schedule.
“We looked at different types of accommodation in the region and sites and
attractions which could potentially be used by visiting school groups from the
UK. The travel company and our Norwegian hosts were particularly keen to
hear which aspects of the local landscape could integrate with the secondary
geography curriculum – with all the glacial activity, waterfalls, fjords and hydro-
electric energy, the answer was ‘lots’!”
“We were able to give some constructive feedback as to the region’s
potential for visiting schools. Despite some pretty inclement weather – not
unexpected for western Norway in October I guess – we had a fantastic time;
sailing on the fjords, hiking to the Folgefonna glacier and travelling through the
mountains on the Flam railway. But it was really valuable also to be able to
meet trip organisers from a variety of schools and spend time sharing ideas and
good practice.”
Professional Development
visit to Norway
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