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s we move well into another academic year perhaps the biggest item of
note for the APFLS has been the step-change in engagement from new year 7
parents. The APFLS has at its core three main themes: raising funds to support
the education of all our students; supporting the operation of the school at
events such as the Carol Service and the many Orchestral and Drama evenings;
and providing the opportunity for the widely geographically dispersed parents
and carers to meet others socially.
Through our new communication initiatives which commence before their
children start at Latymer, using channels such as Facebook, a regular newsletter
and integration with the schools own New Parents Pack, means the awareness
of APFLS and its opportunities are better known from Day One. Throw in during
September a set of presentations, the moves to put a set of Class Reps in place
and the first year 7 parent support requirement for one of our monthly Car
Boot Sales and we start the year from a powerful platform.
I calculated a total of 23 different APFLS events of various forms requiring
parental support during the autumn term which gives some indication of the
commitment needed across the year groups. We made several donations, the
largest of which was a textile printer costing just over two thousand pounds.
With so many new year 7 parents on board we are looking forward to
an even better International Food Fair from midday on Sunday 22nd June.
Successful 2013 initiatives such as a student fashion show and football
competition will be further supplemented and joining the expanding regular
format of numerous international cuisines, student music and drama
performances, stalls, the Wellie Throwing Championship and more. The
brochure, of which we are very keen to see the Latymer community assist us
in procuring advertisers for, will be pre circulated. If you would like a copy or
can assist with an advert or otherwise help with items for the Grand Raffle or
Auction of Promises please contact the APFLS via our school web site pages or
alternatively via the school office. All contributions are so useful in helping us
support our students. And of course, put the date in your diary!
Karl Brown - Chair
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