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The Careers Fair 2014 was a very interesting and enjoyable day. I went with the
aim of providing information and inspiration for students who are thinking about a
career in Music, Film and TV. Students came to talk to each professional in groups of
three, where we had fifteen minute sessions with each group to give them an insight
into working life in our particular job and field. The students showed keen interest
in finding out about key areas of the job having prepared a selection of questions
beforehand for each of us, with questions ranging from “What qualifications do you
need to get your job“ to the ever popular “How much do you earn?!”
The day was well planned with maximum time for coaching the students, topped
off by a lovely lunch in the school dining hall. As a former Latymer student myself
it was nice to visit the school again and meet the current students to discuss career
paths. I only wish we had a careers fair when I was at the school as it provides a great
opportunity for students to gain first hand information and knowledge from those
working in their chosen field of interest.
It was actually fun going to school for the day (yes, tell that to the students!) to
talk about my ‘portfolio’ career as a Writer/ Broadcaster and Psychotherapist, at the
new Latymer Careers Fair. We were greeted by Niki Aresti and her team, thus any
nervousness about the day soon evaporated as we parents exchanged names over
coffee and biscuits.
We each had our own table, with three or four students coming for fifteen minute
sessions. I spoke for about 5 minutes, and then answered questions or gave advice.
It was a bit like ‘speed questioning’, and it was fascinating to meet such a wide
range of students, some of whom were clearly heading for journalism, authorship,
broadcasting, psychology and drama fields. Best question of the day: “why do you like
purple?” However, most questions were probing, intelligent and very polite.
My overall motto: don’t panic! Take your time, gain your experience, be true to
yourself and passion. I was very impressed by the calibre of young people I met, but
also delighted to make some new contacts.
We were fed and watered well by Latymer - I would certainly encourage all parents
with work experience to have a go next year.
Careers Fair - Isobel Palos
Corinne Sweet
Corinne Sweet
Isobel Palos - Head of Film & TV for Beggars Group Media Ltd
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