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joined The Latymer School in May 2007 as the Attendance Officer. Prior to my current
job, I was employed as a Bi-Lingual Secretary for an Italian pharmaceutical company for 6 years
and this was followed by a complete career change when I joined British Airways as a long-haul
Air Stewardess where I enjoyed 10 very happy years travelling the world.
I now work in the School’s Main Office with a wonderful team of colleagues. We very much
support each other as much as possible within our various roles and this makes for a very
efficient and pleasant working environment.
My main role as the Attendance Officer is to monitor our students’ attendance and ensure
that all their marks are entered correctly and their absences are recorded as either authorised
or unauthorised. This information is then reported on a regular basis to the local authority.
We pride ourselves at Latymer in having excellent student attendance and we try our best
to ensure that students arrive at school on time. Their attendance records will follow them
throughout their school career which in turn can also be transferred to future university
applications, so we think it is very important that a high standard is maintained.
We have a positive relationship with our parents, who on the whole follow the correct
procedure when reporting their children as absent. I only work until 12.00 am, so if you call
to report an absence before that time I will be the person you speak to. I have a good rapport
with many of our parents and being a mother of two teenage children myself, I think I am able
to understand some of the problems that parents can sometimes experience. It’s not always
easy getting children out of bed in the morning, but thankfully we have very supportive parents
and on the whole most of our students attend regularly. I try my best to have a pleasant and
approachable telephone manner and hope that parents feel they can speak to me if need be as
a first point of contact. Members of staff at the school are always available to support parents
and their children at all times when difficulties arise and this has always been so reassuring
to me. Knowing that I can pass on a concern at any time and know that it will be actioned
efficiently definitely makes my life easier.
Another one of my roles is to write letters on behalf of Mr Garbett the Headteacher when
we receive absence requests. Some of our students are highly talented and participate in some
very prestigious Musical, Drama and Sporting events and this makes me realise how fortunate
a lot of our students are because they are offered many wonderful opportunities that they may
not have benefited from if they had attended another school.
I very much enjoy being part of The Latymer School and working with such friendly and
supportive colleagues, many of whom have now become my friends.
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