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ear 12 Sociologists attended this conference at the Emmanuel Centre
in Westminster (an amazing listed building) where they heard lectures
and participated in highly interactive sessions from some of the country’s
leading criminologists including Professor David Wilson (Professor of
Criminology at Birmingham, Chair of the Howard League for Penal Reform ,
author of A History of British Serial Killing and formerly a Prison Governor at
Wormwood Scrubs, Grendon and Woodhill), Professor Donal Macintyre, an
award winning investigative journalist most recently responsible for a BBC
Newsnight documentary on the 2011 riots, Professor Graham Pike, Director
of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Criminology and Forensic
Psychology at the Open University, Dr Michael Fiddler whose specialism is
the study of prison space and the representation of prisons in film. There was
also a session with Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, a convicted bank robber who knew the
Krays, who while in prison taught himself to read and write and who is now the
author of numerous books and the recipient of several Koestler Awards for his
Many of the speakers interacted very well with the audience and used
audience participation to illustrate certain concepts. The talks were very varied,
concluding with the Q and A with Noel Smith which provided an insight into the
makeup of a criminal and how it is possible to reform.
Top Right:
Audrey King Lassmann, Myurri Lohesan, Bethany Bowden, Katie
Breadmore, Aristide Hoang Brown, Sebastian Hodge, Barney Grace
Criminology Student
Aristide Hoang-Brown - 12 JES
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