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id your know that in 1924 Sir Benjamin Gott, Secretary to Middlesex
County Council, which was responsible for Latymer, made the decision that
out of the 31 grammar schools that it was responsible for Latymer was to
receive ‘designated status?’ As a result it was referred to as their ‘flagship’
school. This meant that distinguished foreign visitors and people interested
in education were sent to visit the school. Not only was Latymer the largest
grammar school in Middlesex but it was also that great rarity a co-educational
school and it was on a direct line from Liverpool Street. The result was that
between 1924 and 1965 (when Middlesex was abolished) a regular stream of
visitors that included ambassadors, a Prince from Thailand and professors from
all over the world including Yugoslavia , Finland and Uruguay came to visit and
observe what was best about English state education.
Did you know?
Andrew Granath
Saturday 15th March 2014 - 7.00 pm in the Great Hall
An evening of a variety of performances by Latymer students from all year
Tickets: £ 8.00 adults / £5 children.
Arrange a group (8 per table) or join a table.
Bring your own snacks and drinks
If you would like to come to this event, you must book and pay in advance.
(Seating will be pre-allocated – a table plan will be displayed at the entrance to
the Great Hall)
Bookings are now being taken by the Campaign Office
Tel: 0208 887 8105 (direct) or 0208 807 4037
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