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n December we came out of period 1 bursting with excitement, today we
had a real treat because we were going to take part in a crime investigation. As
we rushed to get a good seat in the Great Hall, we felt a bit sad that we would
be missing double English!
In the Great Hall we were shocked to see a huge picture of a dead body.
Once we were all seated, a very nice lady called Alison Leck led the whole
investigation. She talked about how the victim had been murdered in the
National Park, in Sydney, he was called Dean Johnson. The police suspected a
number of people who may have committed the crime - a drug dealer who was
the prime suspect, two men and two women. Alison told us how someone had
informed the police to go and search the drug dealer’s house; there they found
the victim’s wallet in his bin and a gun and a lot of marijuana in his car. We
were given a question sheet with boxes to tick and tables to fill in.
All around the Great Hall there were tables which looked intriguing; they
had peculiar domes on them with colourful bits of card. We were told a bit
about each table and then we got into little groups and went around the
tables answering all the questions. There was a table for DNA samples, clothes
evidence, suspect’s mobile phones, handwriting and bullet grooves. Also
gunshot residue and brick dust, fingerprints, blood samples, tyre tracks, where
the bullet entered the body, the evidence found at the scene, guns and the
owners of certain objects. Using all this information we were able to solve
the crime; the drug dealer had killed the victim to prevent him from taking
business from him.
The forensics investigation was great and some of us even cracked the
code before Alison told us. However, I think that everyone found the whole
experience thrilling and it was amazing how cleverly it was set out. We had a
great time being detectives for an hour.
Forensic Day
Geena Nelson - 8 Ashworth
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