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n 29th November 2013, the broad, sweeping lawns of Forty Hall were
invaded by none other than the better half of Year Nine Latymer (ADK). We
were there to experience the ups and downs of various jobs. Using our skills we
took over the running of Forty Hall for one day. We were split into groups and
each group was separated into two teams which competed to perform the task
the best and win a mystery prize (which turned out to be “the satisfaction of
working hard”).
However, one group (the coveted Media) was separated in a different way.
Two took pictures, three made a video, one tweeted, two wrote an online
press release and the final two wrote an article for the school newsletter and
Another particularly popular group was the “Shop” group. Their task was to
create a new line of products to sell in the Forty Hall shop. Many good ideas
were born, including a dressable Shakespeare – copyright, Katherine Skingle
Inc. but only a few made it all the way to the presentations.
At the end of a long and exhausting day, all groups explained their ideas to
the rest of the year. Some were attacked with gusto and resulted in hilarity all
round, whilst others were stuttering wrecks, resulting in more amusement.
We enjoyed the day immensely and we hope that this becomes a regular
fixture in the calendar because we had a brilliant time.
Forty Hall
Take Over Day
Roxy Chakrabarti - 9 Kests
Joe Haimes - 9 Dolbe
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