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very year, 165 talented young musicians from all over the country join
forces to achieve something extraordinary.
The NYO allows us to explore challenging and unique repertoire. Whether it
is a Mahler Symphony or a completely new masterpiece, every single member
is eager to unravel what lies ahead of them. People often say that the NYO
presents a luminous portrait of the youth of today.
Each year, the orchestra meet for three residential courses. Every day is
another extraordinary occasion, fusing intensive instrumental rehearsals
with workshops addressing all aspects of musicality, including voice, dance,
composing and improvisation.
The audition process for NYO is often described as ‘stressful’ or ‘difficult’ but
once overcome, the rewards allow you to realise the perks of dedication and
hard work. We are extremely lucky to be given wonderful opportunities at such
a young age and I believe the NYO is definitely something that young musicians
should aspire to join.
On the first day of the Winter Residency, old members caught up with each
other whilst the new members were all feeling quite nervous. One of NYO’s
greatest traits is the warm and friendly atmosphere and so seeing as I was an
old member, I greeted the new members cheerfully. James Gilbert and Naomi
Warburton settled in comfortably and they soon made friends. We gave two
performances in January; at Leeds Town Hall and the Barbican. Both were very
successful and we were given excellent reviews.
Our next concerts will include ‘Ein Heldenleben’ by Strauss, Stravinsky’s
Petrushka, Prokofiev’s 3rd piano concerto and other exciting repertoire.
The National Youth
Orchestra of Great Britain
Yurie Lee - 12 DAV
Jim Harrison
ast autumn a total of 750 musicians auditioned for the coveted 165
places in the prestigious National Youth Orchestra. Congratulations to the
three Latymer pupils who are now members: Yurie Lee (Year 12, cello), James
Gilbert (Year 11, clarinet) and Naomi Warburton (Year 10, violin). Their recent
course led to a performance at the Barbican Hall, London, repertoire including
the mighty Mahler Symphony No.5. Easter concerts take place in Liverpool,
Gateshead and London (Royal Festival Hall); see the NYO website for further
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