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n Monday 9th December 2013, members from year 11 of The Latymer School attended
the opening of the new Children’s Ward, now known as The Galaxy Ward. Due to Chase
Farm Hospital’s Children’s Ward being moved to Barnet, the ward had to be expanded and
modernised. There were many differences between The King Fisher Ward (former Chase Farm
Ward) and The Treasure Island Ward (former Barnet Ward), so a new idea altogether had to
be created. In 2012, students from Year 9 were invited to participate in submitting their own
ideas of what the theme of the new ward could be. There were many very diverse ideas such
as the Rainbow Ward and even a Breakfast Ward (featuring Bacon and Egg bay!) There were,
however some more common ideas such as The Galaxy Ward which came up several times and
eventually went on to become the new ward itself.
Members of the group included James Reilly, Anjum Ali, Nicola Varatharajah, Kumar
Sripathmanathan, Emily Chan, Bonttu Tesfa, Katie Allen and Zoe Ramsden.
All of the members are now in Year 11 and have had important mocks and controlled
assessments as of late which has had a serious impact on their availability for meetings. The
group however has still endeavoured to meet and discuss ideas and options with head of ward
Jill De Graag.
The hospital required the group to come up with new ideas about technology and security
that would appeal to the larger range of ages (3 – 18) that they would have to accommodate,
for example what they needed, technology wise, included iPads, tablets and other appealing
The ward was also being refurbished, therefore the group were asked to think of new décor
ideas that were suitable for the new name, also keeping in mind the age range. Some of the
group’s ideas included informagraphs and posters with interesting facts for patients to read
while they wait.
To aid the funding of these new facilities, as representatives of the Latymer School, the
group needed to raise money through various methods, such as charitable events. Current
ideas consist of typical cake sales (a Latymer specialty) and an International Desserts sale
coming to a small hall near you.
The Latymer School has been very supportive of the scheme to improve this new children’s
ward and in turn, Barnet Hospital has been immensely appreciative of the help.
Barnet Hospital Advisory
James Reilly - 11 Lamb
Anjum Ali - 11 Keats
Nicola Varatharajah - 11 Ashworth
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