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ollowing a good idea from a colleague, we held our
first Careers Fair in January 2014. This is a new initiative,
which we felt would be very beneficial to Latymer
students as they consider career options. A request to
parents last November led to a large number offering
to spend a day at Latymer and we are very grateful for
their participation.
We compiled a survey with Year 10 students of what
career paths they were interested in hearing about.
We then scheduled for them in advance slots to listen
to and question Career Fair participants about their
chosen field. A good deal of forward planning by staff
ensured that the day was a great success, it received
very positive reviews from participants and will now be
a regular annual event.
Mark Garbett
he Careers Fair in January was a good experience
where students were able to have a better insight
about their career paths. After registration we headed
off to the 6th form common room where we saw two
videos. One was a “concentration test” where we were
instructed to focus on people passing a ball. The idea
was that some people would be so indulged in the task
they would not see a gorilla walk through the scene. The
next video was called “The Ikea Effect” which was about
the value we place on things we work hard for. After
these “enlightening” videos we then went to the Great
Hall where the day really began.
Weeks before the Careers Fair we had to organise
ourselves into groups of three. After that we had
the impossible task of narrowing down 15 different
professions to just 3 of our choice. Although some
were unhappy with what they received, the vast
majority of groups were more than pleased with their
appointments. The appointments for each profession
only lasted fifteen minutes so the questions we asked
in this small amount of time had to be good. Most
questions ran along the lines of “What qualifications do I
need?” and “What is a typical day like?”
The Careers Fair was a very insightful day and
opened, and closed, many career paths giving me a
more accurate view on what the future will be like.
The day was very enjoyable as we were able to meet
a range of different people such as Dr Mark Salter, a
psychiatrist, who told us about the mysteries of the
human psyche and Ms Reeta Chakrabarti, an Educational
Correspondent for BBC News, who gave me a great
insight into what I want to be when I’m older: a
Jerom Thambipillai - 10 Wyatt
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