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July 2013
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Media Awards Ceremony
Seward Studio 7.30 pm
LRC Room 7:00 pm
24 OCT
Music at Latymer
Great Hall 7:00 pm
Remembrance Assembly
Great Hall 9:00 am
21-23 NOV
School Play
Great Hall 7:30 pm
30 NOV
APfLS winter quiz
Great Hall 7:30 pm
APfLS junior disco
7:00-10:00 pm
12 DEC
Christmas Concert
Great Hall 7:30 pm
17 DEC
Carol service
All Saints Church, Edmonton 7:30 pm
18 DEC
Senior Choir Carol Singing
Trafalgar Square 5:00-6:00 pm TBC
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Did you know…?
that in 1978-79 Latymer
was at the centre of a national legal
controversy concerning its selective
status? During the second half of the
1960s Enfield had implemented the
Borough Plan of 1966 to get rid of
grammar and secondary modern schools
and replace them with a comprehensive
system. Latymer survived the initial cull
of grammar schools but the Labour
government of 1974-79 came to power
determined to eliminate such ‘anomalies.’
The result was a high profile struggle
between the passionately pro-
comprehensive Secretary of State for
Education Shirley Williams (although she
sent her own daughter to the heavily
selective Latymer and Godolphin in
Hammersmith) and the Latymer
governors, who hired the services of a
youngish Leon Brittan QC. The stand-off
only ended with Labour’s defeat in the
election of May 1979. In case this sounds
anti-Labour it should be remembered
that more grammar schools were
abolished during the years of the
Conservative government 1970-74 than in
any other four year period.
Andrew Granath
recollection of
previous foundation Days, the
commemoration of 2013 reignited a
Latymerian passion within me. We had an
inspiring morning of insightful speeches,
enlightening sermons and hearty singing
at All Saints Church.
This year’s guest speaker, General Shaw
Clifton, former General of the Salvation
Army gave an engaging speech about his
own experiences at the school, relating
his memories of the local area, and the
beginning of a life of travelling with his
wife. With musical interludes, and a
noteworthy organ accompaniment from
John Bachelor the entire congregation of
students, teachers and governors were
treated to a proper yet charming event in
memory of our school and its historic
An enjoyable morning was followed,
appropriately, with a busy reception and a
wonderful meal. The reception allowed
many school affiliates to catch up with
the Latymer of today, and also to
reminisce about their own past
experiences. I myself spent some time
being educated about the glory days of
sport at Latymer, which of course I denied
had ever ended. The lunch was prepared
and served by the consistently
outstanding catering staff, with efficient
service and culinary skill, and suitably
rounded the day off.
for Latymer to be able to celebrate such
an event yearly sets us apart from many
other establishments. The sense of
community paired with the legacy of our
founder Edward Latymer creates a unique
event that I hope will continued to be
enjoyed by everyone annually, as Latymer
approaches its quadricentenary. Edward
Latymer’s generosity and influence
echoes across an almost 400 year span,
and the passion for our school identity
remains strong and undaunted
Barney Rowe
Foundation Day
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