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6 Latymer
July 2013
typically busy year for the
APfLS, again successfully raising
educationally supporting items for our
students while having an enjoyable time.
Culminating with the annual International
food festival in mid-June, we also
experienced another successful Spring
Quiz. We benefited from y7 parents in
particular getting behind the monthly car
boot sales, one House per month, and
supported the school by providing
refreshments for the usual wide range of
arts and social events Latymer parents and
students can enjoy and facilitated a hugely
enjoyable year 11 Prom, even if the
weather on the Thames wasn’t the kindest
this year.
The fundraising has allowed for the
purchase of a wide range of items ranging
from overhead “visualisers”, i-
pads, films, traditional and
new media atlases for
Geography and focused
support for the library, drama,
textiles and food
Why not keep in touch with
everything going on through
our new regular newsletter.
Simply sign up via the APfLS
page on the Community tab
at the schools main web site.
Karl Brown
APfLS chair
days from my first Summer
Reunion Day as Administrator for
LOSA, the culmination of my first
five months working here was
evident - all around me were piles of
tickets awaiting collection, sheaves of
photocopied notices, and a plethora
of scrawled notes to remind me of all
sorts of things that needed to be
attended to before the day. We had
nearly 300 Latymerians for lunch
with many more ame along later to
spend the afternoon with one of
seventeen different year group
reunions. Even the sun put his very
best hat on for this special occasion.
Incredibly, one of the biggest
reunions planned are the nearly
thirty 1943 joiners, all now into their
eighties and yet many travelling
some distance to share this special
70th anniversary with their one-time
classmates. Of course Latymer has
changed enormously since those
wartime days and many parts of
Edmonton are unrecognisable to
those who grew up in the narrow
streets around the Green,
demolished in the 1960s to make
way for the shopping centre.
Nowadays, thanks to the ever-
increasing popularity of the school, a
far smaller proportion of our
students come from the immediate
local area but the sense of
community and kinship amongst
them remains.
This sense of kinship has continued
to astonish me in the 21 years since I
left Latymer myself in 1992. I can
think of many occasions in those two
decades where I’ve come across
people I knew vaguely from school –
at weddings, on trains, in the street,
through friends of friends - and there
is almost always warmth for each
other and a joint respect for our
“alma mater” and a (possibly naïve)
sense of “they must be alright if they
went to Latymer”! My non-Latymer
educated friends find this surprising
and tell me it’s far from the norm in
a state school: when we were
studying here I’m not sure if we
realised how lucky we were to have
automatic life membership of this
exclusive group and how profound
an effect Latymer would have on the
rest of our lives.
I hope this will go some way to
explain my delight to find myself
returning to the “Mothership” in
after all these years. I can’t think of a
more welcoming or comfortable
environment to make my return to
the workplace after a decade at
home with young children.
On a practical note, I will very soon
start work on planning the 2014
Summer Reunion so if you’d like to
reconnect with your own classmates,
pencil Saturday 12th July 2014 into
your diary now. We will host special
reunions for the Joiners of 1944,
1949, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974,
1979, 1984, 1989 and 1994 but as
always ALL former students are staff
are warmly welcomed. And if you’d
like to help coordinate a reunion for
your year group, listed above or not,
do get in touch.
Latymer Old Students Association
contains to publish a printed
magazine, unrelated to this
publication, which is distributed to
LOSA members twice a year. The
annual subscription is just £5 but you
can pay for five or even twenty years
up front make a saving. See our
website or contact me for more
Emma Halstead
(nee Wetherall )
1985 Latymer joiner and new
Administrator for Latymer Old
Students Association
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