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July 2013
Book of the year:
Joining their debate in our Carnegie Shadowing book club
Medal is awarded
each year for the best book
published for teenagers. young
people all over the country are involved
in “shadowing” the award. They read 8
shortlisted books, debate their merits,
and then compare their judgements with
those of the expert panel.
Our year 8 group had an excellent time
reading and discussing this year’s books.
It was an exceptionally strong field, and
everyone had their personal favourites.
These are challenging books, and we
were impressed by the maturity of the
debates in book club. It was great to
have Ms Bennett and Ms Kenny involved,
as they are both very knowledgeable
about fiction for teenagers.
We attended an inter-schools event
organised by Enfield Libraries at Ridge
Avenue Library. Our students met groups
from other schools, and took part in the
fiendishly difficult quiz about the
shortlisted books. This year, we won the
quiz! Our group did share their winnings
(sweets) with everyone.
The winner of the 2013 Carnegie Medal
is Maggot Moon by Sally Gardner. The
book and app are available at the school
It was a delight reading these absorbing
books with the group, and sharing their
enjoyment and passion for reading.
Mrs McAllister,
URING THE month of May, 7 Keats took on the Young
Enterprise Tenner Challenge. Each member of the form
was given a £10 note, yes a real one. Their mission was to
repay it at the end of the month with interest. They were
completely at liberty to devise their own ingenious ways of
making their money grow.
With thirty one members of the form I generously handed over
£310 (of someone else’s money) to the form members.
In no time these budding entrepreneurs got to work setting up
little businesses selling anything from cakes to stationery...and
more cakes!
So the day of reckoning came at the end of May. Students were
going to return at least £310 pounds or would I be financially
embarrassed and be forced to write off some bad debt and
recognise the first ever year 7 Credit Crunch at Latymer School? I
need not have worried, the form not only handed over
more than £310, not only more than £500, not only
more than £1000, but a grand total of £1343.32!!
All profits made are to be donated to Great Ormond
Street Hospital to help with the magnificent work they
do for young people in desperate need of support. Well
done 7 Keats!
Nick Zafar
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