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July 2013
We Need Your Help
Year 10 Careers Fair
we aim to inform our
students of the many career
opportunities available to them
once they leave us. Accordingly the
2013 Latymer Careers fair for year 10
students will be on Wednesday 15th
January 2014. This will be held in the
Great Hall where representatives of
many different careers will be present
for students to go round and talk to.
We are keen to hear from ex-
Latymerians, Parents and friends of The
Latymer School who would be willing to
take part in this event.
further details will be on the Latymer
web site at the beginning of the next
academic year.
you can also contact me on
0208 887 8105 direct
or 0208 807 4037
Niki Aresti
has been at Latymer
since December 1999. When Lesley
joined the school as a cleaner she
had no idea how many different roles
she would go on to play. Within a year
she joined the security team working in
the dining hall and helping with
playground duty. As a result she got to
know many Latymer students. “Students
here are so well behaved and polite”
said Lesley, “I am always chatting to
them about their lives and dreams. In all
the years I have been here I have only
seen two scuffles.”
Shortly after, Lesley became an exam
invigilator, which involved preparing to
send papers to exam boards and was
also back up support for the resources
room. When an opening came up to run
the resources room she applied, and got
the job, and has been the resources
technician since 2004. What is the
resources technician? “Where do I start”
said Lesley, “My main priority is to make
sure all printing and photocopying
machines are running and fully stocked
in the resources room. I do all major
printing in the school as well as tickets
and programmes for shows and
concerts, print and assemble all
booklets and exam papers, posters and
school letters, metres and metres of
laminating and much more which I don’t
want to bore you with. I also help all
new staff get to know the machines and
be on hand to help them in case of any
problems”. Despite not being an exam
invigilator anymore, Lesley is still
extremely busy with all her other duties.
Even though she is very busy Lesley
loves working at the school.
“I’ve made many friends since I started,
and even when staff have left I have
still kept in touch with them.” Lesley
Lesley was born in finchley but has
always lived locally in Edmonton and has
three grown up children. She has had so
many happy moments at Latymer, but
one really stands out for her.
“My highlight at Latymer has to be
when Princess Anne came to visit. How
often do you see a member of the Royal
family at your workplace?” she said,” I
will never forget the shock on passers-
by faces when they saw Princess Anne
and George Alagiah deep in
conversation in the Latymer school
We all know how busy Lesley is at
Latymer, but she is also rather busy out
of school as well! She loves going to
concerts and recently went to see ‘The
Killers’ at Wembley with her daughter.
She spends most weekends out with her
family and friends and loves travelling.
She is also going to Rome in August.
I don’t think there are any school trips
to Rome this August, but I’m sure if
Lesley were to bump into any Latymer
students, she would be very happy to
see them!
Roxy Chakrabarti 8K
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